About Us

Stephanie and Allison are two High School friends from Eastchester, NY who are now both teachers. They met on the softball field and formed a close bond that continued through their college years and beyond. Weekly coffee dates turned into discussions about shared dreams of starting a business together. They were tired of schlepping countless bags to and from school everyday and knew that there had to be a better solution. They wanted to create a functional bag that was tailored to the needs of a modern and successful teacher. Thus, The Teacher Tote was created.

(And by the way, you totes need this bag!)
About the Founders
Stephanie attended Sacred Heart University and received a Masters in Education. She now teaches High School Math in Greenwich, Connecticut. This is her tenth year of teaching. She resides in New York with her loving husband and daughter. In her spare time, you can catch her at a spin class, cooking the latest vegetarian recipe or reading a book off of Reese Witherspoon's suggestion list.
Allison attended Iona College and received a Masters in Teaching. She now teaches Kindergarten in the Bronx, New York (in the same school as her husband!) This is her seventh year of teaching. She enjoys taking way too many pictures of her new baby girl, and can usually be found in the kitchen baking anything with chocolate in it.